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Virtual Chert Collection Alpha01f – Color Correction

Hey everyone!

I’ve been busy trying to set up a virtual museum group at Wayne State, but work is still continuing on the Virtual Chert Collection! I’ve renamed the app to make it non-specific so that more regions can be added, and color corrected the models to the best of my ability. The models should now look pretty true to life, though I’ll likely go through them all again before the release and tweak things a little bit (Red channels are maybe slightly too strong on a couple).

Change Notes:

  • Models have all been color corrected
  • Name changed to “Virtual Chert Collection”

The next updates will include:

  • the missing 6 models
  • descriptions of chert types
  • further decimation for faster load times
  • texture reduction for faster load times
  • Model rebuild to remove seams
  • and improved user interface !

Click Below for the New Version of the Virtual Chert Collection!

Web Player Version:

Android APK:

(Because I renamed the project it will require you to uninstall the old version and install the new version this time)



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