Beau Kromberg

3D Chert App

3d Midwest Chert Collection v1d – Update

Found some time to fix a few bugs!

Release Notes:

  • Help menu is now enabled
  • Model toggle buttons no longer skip models
  • GUI now scales slightly better. Needs tweaking
  • Button font changed to make it easier to read

Future releases will add the missing models, Munsell color correction, descriptions of each chert type, web optimization, click&drag / swipe rotation of models, and mobile device compatibility for tablets and phones (OSX & Android).

Click here for the web release of 3d Midwest Chert Viewer v1d. It takes quite a while to load currently as I have yet to optimize the models fully, so please be patient. It took me about 2 minutes to load fully from home.

Special Thanks to Dr. Surface-Evans & Central Michigan University for loaning me the physical chert collection, without which, this would not have been possible.


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