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3d Midwest Chert Viewer alpha v1b now available!

After a summer of processing models, the first alpha release of the 3d Midwest Chert Collection app is now available.

This release is still missing 6 models, which will be added within the next week.

Release Notes:

  • 4 Flint Ridge models need to be reprocessed as they were cut off by the bounding box while processing.
  • Models all still need to be color corrected with Munsell values. Model colors will appear off due to the lighting conditions under which they were captured.
  • Help menu is currently disabled. Will be fixed on next release.
    • Arrow Keys rotate models
    • Spacebar will reset rotation of models
    • ESC key will return to main menu
    • Q and E keys can be used to toggle models. Input listening in webplayer tends to jump models, will fix next revision.

The next release will add the help menu, and the missing models. Future releases will add Munsell color correction, descriptions of each chert type, web optimization, and mobile device compatibility for tablets and phones (OSX & Android).


Click here for the web release of 3d Midwest Chert Viewer v1b. It takes quite a while to load currently as I have yet to optimize the models fully, so please be patient. It took me about 2 minutes to load fully from home.

Special Thanks to Dr. Surface-Evans & Central Michigan University for loaning me the physical chert collection, without which, this would not have been possible.


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